I don’t have time to learn to code

Eat Sleep Code Repeat
Eat Sleep Code Repeat

Tech is everywhere. Our world is using code power to do everything better ( and sometimes it seems scary). In this context, you feel missing some big deal by not learning code. No matter if it’s for a career switch or for becoming better and faster in your actual work.

But here is the problem: Learn to code takes time and effort that not everyone has. It can be so boring and difficult! I have struggled with this when I started learning code to becoming a better 3D artist and designer.

Here are some tips that help me, I hope they will help you.


We are weak as humans, but routines make us stronger. It’s easier to code ( or learn to code) by habits. But how can you build a code routine? As I said before, learn to code (as learn any new skill) can be difficult and boring at the beginning. To keep you motivated you need two things.

The first one is to a clear goal of what you want to achieve. Personally, I want to add 3D artwork to my portfolio website and also become a better 3D artist. So this goal keeps me motivated and also help me focus on the good languages ( 3D stuff for the web are manage with three.js and Javascript framework)

2. Have fun

The second is to add pleasure while working. I mean if you want to respect this routine, you’ve better link it with another relaxing or pleasant habit. Maybe you can code just before lunch a good meal or just after a bath, maybe you can reward yourself with a chocolate bar etc… Whatever, you can use some tricks to make your brain feel good when it’s coding time.

It’s also important to take a rest before starting your lessons. It scientifically proves that sleeping before and after learning a new skill gives you a better anchor for the notion in your brain.

On this point, the way you learn and the course you choose is also very important to help you. Personally, I use freecodecamp and youtube. Freecodecamp is a good platform for me because: first, it’s free, and second it’s designed as a game. This is an important point to consider while learning new skills. Learning with fun is the better way to learn. So, you can learn code with this platform or another that offers you that “learn with fun” system.

3.Use social pressure

I think social pressure doesn’t only have a bad side. You also can use it to achieve your goal and purposes.

How to use social pressure to keep your engagement to learn code?

A good way is to tell about you’re learning with you’re surrounding. There will start seeing you as a dev and you will see yourself as a dev so keep your learning serious to not deceive them.

You also can share your daily coding goal and result in everyday on IG or any social platform you want. So you can both learn and share what you learn.

Sharing and explain what you learn for others, is one of the best ways to learn, rely on Richard Feynman's techniques. But it also can help you build a community on what you learn and find a job if it is your goal.

3.DONT TRY TO MAKE TOO MUCH “ petit à petit l’oiseau fait son nid”

We all think that we might write 500 lines of code every single day to feel legitimate as developers. But, I don’t think it's a good approach. While learning you need to make your practice easier as possible. You don’t want to make too much and disgusted yourself. So give yourself a small goal and grow up progressively. Maybe you can start with 5 lines growing up to 10, 20, 50, 100, etc…

Here is an idea to consider: if you write only 15 lines every day, after one year, you got a program with 5475 lines. An average iPhone app takes 4000 lines.


It‘s especially important when you start. Try to keep your brain 100% focused on what you’re doing. Notifications, social networks, tv… try to remove all these things from your learning area. Also, try to keep your desk as clean and minimalist as possible. A clear workspace will help your mental clarity and you’re practice.


Working on your self-confidence will help you not to give up. If you really want to learn this, you can! Maybe it’s going to be difficult or take more time than thought but, you just need to find your own optimal operation to do huge accomplishments.

Thank you for reading this article, it’s my first in English and I hope you love it. You can help me improve my English and redaction skills by letting me a kind comment! see you tomorrow.